All Covered

Nearly all musicians have spent some time in cover bands before they hit the big time, it is almost a rite of passage, to pass a portion of their career playing someone else’s hit songs and trying to get paid for it. This is where they learn to play live, how to play to a crowd, what to do should a shower of bottles come raining down upon their heads at a gig and how to flee the scene in one piece with all the equipment still intact. This is essential because at the beginning of a musician’s career the equipment is nearly more important than the band members and needs to be looked after and handled with kid gloves. No equipment means no gigs, no gigs means no money, no money means you are eventually going to starve to death, not a good way to make music or become famous, after you have made a name for yourself, you can die any which way you like and become legend. Feeling inspired yet? This website had me going

Utube has killed this way to fame, there are still some bands who do it the hard way, take grimy gigs, sing old and new songs from other bands to showcase their talents, throw in a song or two of their own creation and hope to god someone somewhere sees them and decides to take a chance. The younger generation has taken the technology and run with it, they record their band playing all their own music and put it on the net and if they get millions of hits and have a huge following then they get to be famous. The only problem with this way of doing things is that they are used to recorded sound and when they go live and play to thousands of fans on an actual stage they sound like crap and this can be the breaking of what could have been a great sound and band. They have not had to find their way through the live gauntlet of hostile crowds and learning how to actually sing, without digital enhancement. Check out a variety of these rock, country, retro and jazz cover band Melbourne.

I never decide straight away whether I like a band anymore until I have heard a sample of themsinging live, I can still love their recorded songs but I wouldn’t go and see them live and waste my money on something I could do better. Says the woman who has not got a musical bone in her body but apparently sounds great when she is drunk and warbling and this is what some of these new band’s sound like when they hit the stages for the first time and bunch of drunks having a good old sing-along. No one in sync together, everyone singing the song in their very own special tone and the words are completely optional, you can blather through a few and just make sounds that are similar to what is supposed to be sung. This would be my advice to new bands do the pub scene and see if you survive that, then get famous.