Sound Waves

Most musicians will tell you music is about the soul and living the dream of getting your message out in the world, to quote the Australian movie The Castle “it’s about the feel of the thing, it’s about the vibe, yeah the vibe.” What musical artists won’t tell you about and with good cause is about all the technical jargon, most of us would be staring gob smacked at our favorite singing star if they started telling us how they had to go through a celestion speakers wholesalers in Australia to get the sound they were after. After about half an hour of this we would be asleep drooling on the couch and waking up disillusioned, after realizing that famous people can be just as boring as your mum and dad.
This is of course if you ever get the chance to hang out with someone famous at all but as many a girlfriend can attest, this can also be applied to some hunky boyfriend who is in a band and who seems to think it absolutely necessary to explain the in depth details of every aspect of their guitar playing, all I can say is the sex had better be fantastic in exchange for hours of mind numbing boredom. I know very little about music and what it takes to get a great sound, the only experience with music I have is being told not to sing as I do the housework and thinking how great I sound when I have had a few too many much to everyone else’s dismay. What I have been able to discern is that apparently the celestion company made the first dedicated guitar speaker and that famous musios such as Akai professional studio equipment and Slash have used them in some of their performances. Now this may be only because that was the only speaker available at a gig or they borrowed one when theirs blew up, who knows but what company wouldn’t use that tit bit of knowledge in their spiel to sell their gear.
As an up and coming musical talent it may be in the best interest of your career to get a heads up what other musicians use and what the advantages and disadvantages are, how they compare to other systems and how you can combine different speakers to get just the right note for your individual sound. That is if you are serious about the whole thing, I wouldn’t go to too much trouble if it is just a hobby and a way to while away a few hours in your garage on a Sunday afternoon with the neighbours screaming at you to shut up and the kids rockin it out on your driveway. Maybe being the entertainment for family gatherings and summer get togethers, after the BBQ has finished its job and everyone is sitting ready for an afternoon of slow drinking and good music. Find a secondhand speaker and work with what you have got.